Get more money
by doing simple actions.
With the help of this Bounty program, you will improve your well-being and earn money to make your first investment. On this Bounty page, you can find various giveaways and interesting opportunities you can participate in. Add this page to your bookmarks and stay tuned for updates and new prizes.

More info
Telegram: @hyipwebcom


Comments are left strictly in the project branch. See examples of comments in the Rules.

Social networks

Social networks

Leave comments with payments under any picture / post. 1 payout = 1 comment.


We pay posts about receiving bonuses / refback / compensations in the blog topics on the forums:



  • Join our Telegram Group Chat and Subscribe Telegram Channel 0.1$
  • Post on deposit and payments in the Telegram chat of the project = 0.05$
  • Avatar + Signature of the Telegram account = $1/week* (for well-known highers / bloggers - up to $5/week*)

To receive the bonus you must:

Put one of our avatars on your Telegram account;
Sign the account: "I invest with Trusted and Reliable Hyip Monitor, I recommend!";
Be subscribed to Telegram chat / channel.
Avatars for Bounty:

For the report send:

Their nicknames Telegram. Active accounts only;
DO NOT cheat nicknames / do not make fake accounts;
We reserve the right not to pay this bonus without explanation.

Tell a friend

  • Bring a new investor to = 2$

When you invited a new person - he should:

  • Sign up and be user of;
  • Subscribe to Telegram channel / Telegram chat;
  • Make the first deposit on our reflink from $20 (to any project on the

In the report, we drop:

  • A friend's nickname on the and his nickname on Telegram;
  • Do not make fakes yourself;
  • We will check, in case of fraud - a ban and the deprivation of bonuses / refbacks / insurance.

Rules for participation

Only accounts with avatars and at least 20 subscribers / friends can participate.

One project = One comment per day (for each social network / aggregator).

Commentary is a STRICT payment from the project, or a deposit into the project.

Your deposit must be made via the link.

At the end of each comment you need to write in a free form that you invest with the

For example (just examples, wording at your discretion):

The project pays instant, everything is super!

20:10 25.01.20
Receive 3087360330 U20655145
Investing Online - +20.00
Received Payment 20.00 USD from account U20655145.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment.
Withdraw to Investor from INVESTING ONLINE.

I invest with the - Trusted and Reliable HYIP Monitor :)


He made a deposit in the project at the link

10:00 25.01.20
Transfer 3087360330 U20655145
Investing Online -201.00 1.00
Sent Payment 200.00 USD to account U20655145.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Top-up through Perfect Money by Investor by 200.00 USD.
Payment ID: 1000
I received a refback from the, thanks.

Is it a lot or a little?

We answer your mental question: Are you not ashamed to pay such a penny?

Let's count.

Let's say you invested in three projects on a blog and invited two friends in a week.

We consider:

  • Each project will bring you $8 * 0.02 per comment = $0.16 per day / $1.12 per week;
  • $1.12*3 = $3.36 for three projects per week;
  • + $1 per Telegram account;
  • + $5 for inviting friends.

$9.36 Per week. * And this is the very minimum*

Unsubscribing in social networks / aggregators takes no more than 15-20 minutes a day.