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May 20, 2024
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Company Demian One operates on the market by volume, oversized cargo of crude oil from the Middle East to all countries. Having assembled a team of highly qualified specialists, experienced logisticians and marketers, we have gone from a trading company engaged in retail trade in small volumes to a large company with millions in turnover. Now our company has the ability to buy cheap crude oil in the Gulf countries and beyond. The demand for cheap oil is several times higher than the supply. Our main customers are small and medium sized refineries. The company shows excellent financial results from year to year. However, in the presence of additional financial assets and using all the opportunities and accumulated experience, the company and its shareholders can receive additional dividends. The company's management made a decision to expand oil purchases and attract additional funds through online investment. For these purposes, the online platform Demian One was created, on the site of which you are now. All funds raised through the platform will be used by the company to increase purchases of crude oil at a price significantly below market prices in order to generate additional profit, a share of which will be received by each investor in accordance with the chosen investment plan. The investment policy of the Demian One online platform is based on thorough analysis and market research. Based on the experience gained over the past 10 years, our specialists have created attractive investment plans that can satisfy the needs of all private and corporate Internet investors. Every deposit in the Demian One system is based on trust management of funds. Let's show you how you can combine business with pleasure, while earning interest income, depending on the investment package you choose.

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    7% daily for 16 days
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    Adv Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer
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