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Dec 01, 2023
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Global Sync is a company founded by two experienced owners of mining farms. The quality of work and attention to the details helped the project scale fast, and in one year the company got the ownership of more than five hundred farms, using only classic methods of mining. But the company always had the goal of entering a new level by creating innovations in its field. The idea of using natural resources to reduce electricity costs has become the end goal for the team. After analyzing the market and the first test launches it became clear that alternative energy sources could not only significantly reduce the process, but also completely replace the standard methods of mining. Solar panels, kinetic wind energy, hydropower and others are all sources available for use today. Deciding to fully transition to the green energy has become fundamental for entering a new level in the business. The innovativeness of the method helped us exclude competitors and discover new development paths. As of now, many mining companies go bankrupt because of how complicated it is now to make accruals and due to high costs for consumed resources. Global Sync managed to solve these problems with renewable energy sources.

About Project
  • Plans
    1.5% daily for 15 working days; 2.0% daily for 25 working days; 3.0% daily for 40 working days
  • Min Deposit
  • Min Withdraw
    0.0002 BTC | 0.003 ETH | 30 USDT | 0,02 BNB | TRC20 - $5 |0,03 LTC | 50 TRX
  • Affiliate
  • Payout type
  • Payments
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
  • Script
  • IP Address
  • SSL
  • NS Servers
  • Registrar
  • Period
Program Addons
Support E-mail Support Forum Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin SSL DDOS

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I chatted with support and they mentioned that withdraws are fine. Are you still seeing a withdrawal issue?

Oct 06, 2021 20:57:18
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Payment Received. Amount $5.5 Batch f27e5937324dd4fb2612f351c02a8265276f0843de7b5c38ef89808f933dcdb7

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Payment Received. Amount $5 Batch 3b6ebddb5a32e818ba04b5ce72264bb3a845558a781ae84d109fcab489113239

Sep 14, 2021 16:41:43 Verified
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Payment Received. Amount $50 Batch

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