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Jul 25, 2024
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What is Refback (Referral Commision Back) in HYIP?

February 19, 2020 at 08:03 8711

RCB or Referral Commision Back. What is this?

Well, in this article, I would like to answer the main question of many users:
“What is HYIP monitor and why does it provide a refback to its partners?”


Lets start with know what is the HYIP? Read here What is HYIP.  At time almost any internet user can know download HYIP scripts for free and create their own project. Thus, daily high-quality hyip appears on the network, the quality of which, to put it midly, leaves much to be desired. And to check the hyip for payments, often leads the user to lose their own money, since many hyip projects do not go through one round and stop paying.

It is for the safety and security of users' money that the monitoring of HYIPs or, as people say, a HYIP monitor, has been created now.

It is on such sites that hyip projects are monitored, checked for payments and a detailed review of the projects themselves from the point of view of the script, the protection and reliability of the site itself.

Best Reliable, Trusted and Expert HYIP Monitoring Sote

Hyip monitoring is the main referral, as it is through them that most users select a particular hyip and make contributions.


Each hyip project has a special affiliate program for attracting new users, for which a referral commission is charged - this is a referral program. It acts as follows, for each attracted user you are paid a certain percentage of his contribution. Almost everyone knows this, but few people know that hyip monitors receive an additional percentage as large referrals.

Let's say the affiliate program on the site provides a 10% referral  commission - this means that from each attracted user who has made a contribution, hyip will pay you 10% of the amount of his/her investment. But monitoring hyip, as a major referee receives an additional percentage. Basically, it is from 5% to 10% in addition to the basic rate, so it turns out 15 - 20% of the referral commission. That is why, in order to attract more users, monitoring of hyip projects provides the return of the official referral commission to its users.


But be careful, some hyip monitoring, trying to lure users, expose sky-high refbacks in the amount of 500, 1000 and even 5000 percent. Naturally, this is just a beautiful trick and in fact no one will give you such a return!

Hyipweb Referral Commission Back Illustration En

Hyipweb Referral Commission Back Illustration Id is the Hyip monitoring and provides all its users with the maximum return of referral funds, as well as the opportunity to accumulate referral funds in your account with an additional 10% per month for referral commission. This percent is depends on the project referral commission. The higher referral percent the higher referral commission back is return to you.

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