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Jul 25, 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

To receive the refback it is necessary to register on the project by going to it from Hyipweb monitor. Then you should make your deposit and send a request through the special form on the site to receive it. You can do this by going into your account or using the form on the main page of monitor. After making a deposit in the project you selected, click on the button "RCB 1000%" in the project details, fill in all the needed information. Then the amount of the referral commission will be credited to you wallets. Refback is sent within 48 hours, but usually much earlier.

If within 72 hours you did not get a refback from Hyipweb monitor, then you need to describe the problem in detail and contact us by using contact form or live chat in site.

After success registration in Hyipweb monitor, you can order a refback on balance of monitor. Or you can edit your user profile even more you can withdraw your bonus. Your user profile also show your current balance in Hyipweb as a bonus from many event.

To withdraw your funds from the balance of the your cabinet, you need to go through the authorization on Hyipweb monitor and go to the "User Profile" tab. Next, select the payment system, specify the withdrawal amount (minimal withdrawal is 1% and fee is depends on payments system you choose) and the current password from your account. Then enter the confirmation code in the special form, which you will receive on your email and click the "Save" button.

To specify your wallet for payments, you must go to your user profile. After entering the details of the wallet, you must specify the current password in the corresponding window, then enter the confirmation code, which you will receive on email and click the "Save" button.

If the letter with the activation code doesn’t come to your email address, you need to check the SPAM folder. If the message is not there, then contact the support chat on the main page of the site or use our contact form.

To change your email in your account head to your user profile. There you can change your email as you wish.

To quickly find the desired project, you need to use the search form, which is located in the upper left corner on the main page of the monitor. Entering the name of the project in the window, the system will immediately find it and display the information on the screen of your computer.

To recover the password from your account, on the authorization page, click the button "Forgot password?". After that, enter your email, which will be sent a letter with instructions for password recovery.

Although the administration of Hyipweb monitor and tries to protect its users as much as possible, it is impossible to do it 100%. First of all we advise you to evaluate the project yourself and make a final decision on the contribution of your funds. To avoid losses, pay attention to the quality of the site, study user feedback from various sources. And remember: Don’t invest in Hyip what you can’t afford to lose!

Each time we updated the Hyipweb monitor to be better and better. Find many event in our news section and also do an active activity in our site. The bonus will be sent to your account balance.
Your questions is not in the section? Please contact us by live chat or using our contact form.

January 1, 2020