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May 20, 2024
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Write an Articles Get Special Prize of $500

Hyipweb consistently conveys information related to online investment business, especially HYIP. This time Hyipweb held an event to write an article with the theme "Online Investment Business". For those of you who have passion in the world of writing can take part in this event and be entitled to a total prize of $500.

By only writing unique articles, you can get a prize? The purpose of a unique article is an article that does not exist or was never published by anyone in other words the article must not be the result of plagiarism, interested?

Terms and Conditions

- You have to be our members! Register here.

- This event will be held from March 1, 2020 until an unspecified time, meaning that it will continue until further notice.

- Articles must be in accordance with the theme "Online Investment Business".

- We have the right to curate the article first, whether it is appropriate or not to be displayed on Hyipweb.

- Articles that have successfully passed the curation process will be published on the Hyipweb Blog.

- Articles that are published successfully will be judged based on many factors, one of which is the number of articles viewed by visitors.

- Each articles will be copyrighted as your username.

Submit your article by sending us your article directly to our email with subject "Article Event #your_username#".

So, what are you waiting for, immediately create your best unique and interesting article, submit it on Hyipweb, and get a total prize of $500. Good luck!

February 29, 2020