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Jul 25, 2024
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The Insurance Project with a "Insurance Tag VIP" icon will display on the right program name.

Insurance Rules:

  • You must register the project under us if you want to apply insurance Compensation request -- Be sure you registered under our ref link
  • Please register to our site, you have to be our site members when you request ref back and apply compensation.
  • Anybody who cheat Ref Back or Insurance compensation will be BANNED Forever and we will not reply your query !!!!
  • Please DO NOT choose compounding option when you make deposit if you want to qualify for insurance offer.
  • Please be sure that only the deposit made after the insurance offer published are eligible for insurance.
  • You must withdraw your earnings everyday, if you do NOT withdraw earnings everyday, we have to reject your compensation request !
  • If the insurance projects have both "Daily Plan" and " After Plan", please deposit into Daily Plan only if you want to qualify for insurance offer.

Compensation Policy:

  • Even the the project has insurance offer, but we can't compensate full of your loss. All of insurance amount will be divided to all of our followers.
  • The maximum compensation for a single investor is no more than $100, Because we have to consider all of our referrals to get some compensation,more or less. So how do we distribute the compensation?
    - For example: The insurance amount for "X project" is 1000$ and there were 5 investors who joined under us and bear a loss as below:
    1. Username1: 80$ 2. Username2: 200$ 3. Username3: 360$ 4. Username4: 450$ 5. Username5: 20$
    In such a case, we will dispense the insurance to these 5 investors and send compensation as below:
    1. Username1: 80$ 2. Username2: 100$ 3. Username3: 100$ 4. Username4: 100$ 5. Username5: 20$
    In such a calculation there is $400 insurance was dispensed and the rest $600 will be returned to the admin ! Important: The input to calculate insurance is : (Your invested amount - RCB amount – Your withdrawn account = Net Lose)

Apply compensation Rules:

  • Please pay attention to the insurance projects status. Once the status was changed to "Problem" or "NOT PAYING”, then you may apply insurance compensation.
  • Please apply compensation request within 72 hours after the project’s status was changed to "Problem" or "NOT PAYING” ; you can NOT request compensation if the status was changge to "Problem" or "NOT PAYING” more than 72 hours. FYA : If you do not submit your request in time, we are not responsible for such dispute.
  • Please fill the insurance compensation form with all required info .
  • Insurance funds will be dispensed within 3 - 5 Business days after the project’s status was changed to “Problem" or "NOT PAYING”. We will not reply your doubtful message if the payment was not exceed the timeframes .
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